Thursday, October 02, 2008

Statement of intent

Ever thought to yourself, "Why have they done that?" or "That's ridiculous!" or "But why?!" or "God how stupid is that?!" or "What a moron." or "I can't believe they did that!"
Well this is the place to rant about it. Frank Zappa once said, "The main element in the universe is not hydrogen, it's stupidity." Boy was he right.
If, like me, you get frustrated and annoyed by how things never seem to work quite the way they should and that anyone with any common sense could see why and how it could be improved, then once again dear reader, this is the place for you.
Like the classic example of those little metal teapots you seem to get in every hotel/restaurant/motorway service station, that when you actually try to pour your tea from, proceed to spill all down the side and over your table/trousers/skirt/partner/child etc.
One thing I really hate is bad design and or function. Where some clever little inventor decides that s/he knows best and you think, "How the hell did that ever get made? Didn't they test it in the real world?"
I alos hate the stupidity and selfishness of people. You know the ones: they park on double yellow lines at junctions to, "pop into the shops, just for a minute." without a thought for all the other poor saps that then have to negotiate around them. Instead of finding somewhere else to park and then "popping into the shop," they inconvenience the world around them. Thus adding to the sum total of human misery.
Right that's me started.

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