Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tailgating drivers

Tailgating Drivers:

Do you really think that by driving right up the arse of the car in front it will get you anywhere that much quicker?? Or will make the driver in front think, "Gosh that guy behind me is driving so close, he must be really important. Therefore I shall speed up / get out of his way at my earliest opportunity so that he may continue on his breakneck journey to get to his important place/meeting."

No. I actually think you are a twat and I will slow down simply to irritate you.

If I can't see your wheels or numberplate in my rear-view mirror, then you are too close. Moron.

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somethingcakey said...

Sounds like a typical run the gauntlet, whoops I mean school run, of a morning in Marbella!la